Friday, September 10, 2010

Picasso Meets Shaft

Where to even begin... Do I really even need to say anything at all? It's truly amazing what comes in through the front doors at work. On the one side we have 1 of 17 Picasso's' that an interior designer brought in for their client. They are part of a series Picasso created called "Imaginary Portraits". Apparently there are 29 and I would say for a person to have 17 of these lithos from the series is a very impressive collection. Picasso worked with a famous lithographer named Marcel Salinas to create these images.

I know your thinking that I must be the smartest person to know all this stuff.


I am.

Just kidding....thank you google, once these came in we started to panic about the value and hoped our insurance would cover them in case of earthquake...tornado...zombie ground hogs sent here from the planet Zoron to feast on all things paper.

If zombies were ground hogs would they stay underground?

Anyway, the later painting "1970's Love Den #4" smells like it came out of a love den of funk. The thing that is so amusing to me about this (clearly not the stench emanating from the picture) but the amount of skill someone had to have to create this "work of art". Truly a technically talented person. I don't mean the fact this person can draw is amusing, but the fact that the Picasso technically looks like a big ol mess and it's the "master work". Of course I'm not the biggest fan of Picasso even though I can appreciate what he did for modern day artists and the fact that he is the king of cubism. I'm rambling at this point...look I warned you there would be plenty of verbal diarrhea. is a little painting I did a few years's no Picasso and it doesn't smell. It's the Chapel at Tlaquepaque in Sedona Arizona (say that three times fast).

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Robin said...

Picasso was a mess because he had the "siff" I believe.


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