Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ahhh Football Season...

I don't know about your house but at our house the world stops turning for football. The TV is the size of Lucas Oil Stadium just so we can see Payton Manning's pores. It's important stuff. The dogs even get into it, their big Payton fans. OK not really...but they do enjoy lounging on the couch, except when the boy yells at the TV...Phoebe starts to shake nervously, then Pippa crawls on top of Phoebe. OK I'm making all this stuff up about the dogs...this picture is just so weird...What is Pippa doing? Are they practicing their cheerleading pyramid for the state championships?

Well, I think I'm going to do one of two things today....bake a blueberry pie or try and copy the lemon cream cake from Olive Garden. Foodies don't get all high and mighty on me, the lemon cream cake at Olive Garden ROCKS!

I'll let you know how it goes.
Have a great Sunday! GO COLTS!


Robin said...

I'm a football widow to a man with a losing team. Stupid Lions.

Robin said...

Oh yeah, bird brain June looks like a June too.

sweet bait said...

haha...I don't mind at all, I think it's good he is so into it. That way if I want to go shopping or go in the back room and make a mess I can.

Todd named June. He said her dress looked like June Cleaver!


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