Friday, October 9, 2009

Thai Food, Death by Dessert, and Spam

Lets start off with a little Food Porn....

This gorgeous dessert is from a wonderful little dessert cafe called Sweet Surrender here in Louisville. I LOVE THIS PLACE! It's in a historic district, the cakes are SO pretty, the hot chocolate I had was REAL...not some powdered crap, and I picked up two Mexican wedding cake cookies for tomorrow. Maybe you call them Russian tea cakes....all I know is they are almond covered powdered sugar delight!

Now for a little house cute is this house! If it were not raining we would have relaxed on the porch with our cake.

We also had some rockin Thai food at Thai-Siam before heading over to Frankfort ave. We had Laad Nah, spring rolls, and the most wonderful Thai dumplings that were served with this spicy green sauce. I have no idea what was in the green sauce, but it was amazing.

I'm really beginning to love Louisville with the exception of one HUGE turn off, the city seems to be having a very hard time getting a pig slaughter house to move it's operation to a more suitable area. Preferably away from the historic district where so many people are working hard to revive this area. There are wonderful houses, restaurants, businesses, galleries and so on. But, on a hot day, the distinct smell of SPAM is in the air!
Ugh, that can put you off your pretty cake. Let's hope they come up with something soon for the sake of the poor people who are working so hard to make this area something really special.


Anonymous said...

We lived right down the road from the slaughterhouse. I would see the trucks come in sometimes. So sad!

sweet bait said...

Oh it's awful. Todd worked at Stockyards Bank right across from Swift...he said he could hear the pigs "screaming" sometimes.

He wont eat pork to this day...too sad.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh! My favorite kinds of porn and all in one place!

You were right about me. Zionsville it is! It's like I don't want to say it out loud because I don't want all the people who don't know what they are missing to know what they are missing. Yes, I am just that crazy.


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