Sunday, October 11, 2009

Puppie Mills, New Friends, and Pure Sweetness...

Meet Pippa!This little squirt is our new puppy. She is an 11 month old rescue from a horrific puppy mill in southern Indiana. Boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a new dog for the last few months. We wanted to wait till after Trina past and see how we felt at that time. I had been searching Pet Finder and eventually found her through them. We talked about getting a miniature poodle since we both grew up with them. Actually we both had little black poodles. The chances of finding one that needed rescued were probably slim, and we were open to other breeds. I guess some things are just meant to be and thank goodness we now have Pippa!

Pippa was rescued by a Schnauzer Rescue. The mill had tried to breed her and when she didn't produce they were just going to "dispose" of her and sent her off to a kill shelter. She was in such bad shape the folks with the Schnauzer rescue thought that's what she was...a Schnauzer! Alas, after a grooming they realized they had a little poodle on their hands. She lived with her foster family for 4 weeks where they do rehab for puppy mill dogs. She has really come a long way in a very short time. She would only walk in circles in the beginning due to being confinded to a small cage, but now walks in a straight line and loves going for walks. Somewhere along the line at the mill her tail was cropped. Poodles do not have cropped tails and I only hope it was not a case (as often is with puppy mills) of her hair becoming entangled in the cage wires and they just cut it off (sometimes with bolt cutters). This unfortunately happens with limbs as well. Pippa's pads are in rough shape as well from burns after being forced to stand in urine. We also suspect she may have some vision problems due to this as well. Some older dogs even go blind over time from fumes. The bottoms of her little ears had to be surgically removed due the matting in her fur and they could not get them "unstuck" from the sides of her face. She had some scabs on her face that have all healed now.

I hate these puppy mills and shame on anyone who could do this to these animals. Please do not EVER buy puppies from pet stores, please adopt, rescue or find a reputable breeder!!!!

Pippa and Phoebe seem to be getting on quite well. Phoebe is not always the most friendly of dogs with "new" dogs, but I suspect maybe she knows Pippa had a rough start. Maybe she remembers her start was not so hot either.

I wish this picture came out better but I think these two doggies are the sweetest thing going.


Michelle said...

Yay for Pippa! I'm so glad she's found such a great home. I have a miniature poodle so I have a soft spot for the breed. What I have for puppy mills is beyond contempt.

sweet bait said...

I agree! It makes me so sick...I just want to go up there and take ever doggie out of there!

Poodles are the best! ;-)

The Drapery Lady said...

Your big heart makes a good home for these little critters. Of course, you know who, would take at least one of them off your hands if it became to much for you!But, I'd rather you keep them! Yur such a good mommy.

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

does she eat corn on the cob and hot sauce yet???


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