Monday, September 28, 2009

BBQ, Internet Lies, Meadow Muffins

This is a Famous Dave's Corn Muffin....
This is my sad corn muffin...
Have you eaten at Famous Dave's BBQ? Have you eaten a cornbread muffin from Famous Dave's? If the answer is no, stop what your doing right now and go eat a corn bread muffin from Famous Dave's!

If you have, then you will understand my deep disappointment. There is one "copycat" recipes I want and it is this corn bread muffin. I keep looking online only to find the same recipe that claims to be this heavenly muffin minus it's jalapeno honey glaze. (Apparently the restaurant does not serve the jalapeno glaze, just a honey butter glaze.) I even found a post from a gentleman boasting to have gotten the recipe from a Famous Dave's restaurant manager. LIES I TELL YOU... LIES!

I spent the better part of my afternoon hunting down the different types of corn meal need as well as actually baking the muffins. The entire time I was so excited about the prospect of recreating these little gems in my very own kitchen. Just think, I would be a hit at pitch-ins, summer BBQs, Christmas dinner, housewives will beg me for the recipe, Trick-or-treaters will propel their plastic jack-o-lanterns in my door screaming for muffins in lieu of candy! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry...where was I, oh yes....muffin recipe.

I sought out the ingredients. I read the recipe 4 times. I baked the muffins. I did exactly as the recipe said. No stone unturned. All done with complete accuracy.
Final verdict....The muffins taste like crap! No...cow pies, cowplop, dung, fertilizer, guano, manure, meadow muffin, night soil, ordure, poop!
I guess Muffins are like many things...relative. I'm exaggerating, they were not that bad, but in comparison they were awful...I was so disgusted with their lack of "Famous Dave'sishness" that I chucked them in the waste bin.


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The Drapery Lady said...

Don't you just hate it when you can taste something in your mind, and that isn't it when you bite into a real food? Yuck! Yuck! Blaaah! Blaaah!


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