Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working the Before and in Progress

After moving in with the boyfriend, a wonderful guy, but a true "guy" in every sense. We're talking football, white walls, huge TV, leather sofas, meat and potatoes, and a general lack of interest in decor. I guess thank goodness is in order otherwise he would not be said boyfriend of mine rather boyfriend to Steve or Paul...but I digress.
Boyfriend purchased a house that was home to a 90 year old woman. Boyfriend was just fine with the 90 year old woman's curtains. Since my mother is Madame Sews A lot, it would stand to reason that I was not OK with the 90 year old woman's window treatments. With a little help from mama (free fabric and mad sewing skills) and some inspiration from Erika at Urban Grace the room is slowly starting to look like something. Hopefully something nice. I think I've settled on a paint color and will update you with photos accordingly.
NOTE: (If you look at the inspiration photo you will see the window appears to be in a fancy shmancy home. My window is not so fancy and once again mom er Madame Sews A Lot has a great solution for my lack of fancy window trim. Eventually I will install a shelf over the window moulding that will frame the top and house some of my dishes that are rarely used.)
Thanks mom!
Before (YIKES!)

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Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

me thinks you should go back to the old curtains. I'll bet they have a lovely aroma.


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