Friday, October 24, 2008

Jibber Jabber: Autumn

For some reason I can't get into the Fall mood. I don't know if it's being consumed with the election (can't wait till it's over) or just life in general. Maybe part of it is that my favorite tree is not turning it's usual bright red. It's just looking sort of brown and dead. Maybe it's a general sense of my life being in limbo at the moment. I'm sort of job hunting, I'm sort of thinking about starting a business, I'm sort of thinking about moving to another state, I'm sort of thinking about letting my hair go back to it's natural color, which I'm not really sure what that is but most likely a mouse brown that I will hate if I actually do it. I know the last one is not so pressing, but I have a thing about my hair.

This was my porch last year, I've not even bought a pumpkin this year. I always at least buy a pumpkin and some mums. I do have some pumpkin in my freezer from last year and was considering using it for pumpkin cinnamon rolls. But I'm not sure if it's to old. Everyone says it should be fine...but I don't know, it's from the pumpkin I used for last years Thanksgiving pie.


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