Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shaker Village

Last weekend my parents came down from Indianapolis to spend a relaxing day in Kentucky. The boy and I took them to Shaker Village and it was truly a perfect day. We finally had some relief from the 100 degree temps, although being thrown into 60 degree fall days would not be my ideal (hello...where did 75-80 degrees go) but I'll take it. We toured the fantastic buildings of this village and ate lunch outside under an old oak tree. This place is somehow serene even with lots of other people touring it. Only bad thing was I forgot to charge my camera battery and about halfway through it died and I had to switch to using my phones camera...of course the one thing I really wanted a shot of...the famous staircase came out gritty...stupid forgetting to charge battery!

Meet one of the Shaker Village residents...."McDuffy"...look he's showing you his pretty teeth!

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