Monday, October 4, 2010

Paula Deen

Hi Ya'll! I just wanted to give ya'll a run down on Paula Deens restaurant at the Horseshoe Casina (Casino to you northerners). All I can say is it's just like you think it would be...hoe cakes, fried stuff, and butter! It's sort of like Cracker Barrel as far as the concept of country cooking and shopping. There's loads of butter and southern fried favorites.

This is a country mess! Lets start at 12:00 on the boys plate. That appears to be smashed potato's, 1:00 fried shrimp, 3:00 shrimp cocktail (minus the cocktail...he has an aversion to horsey sauce and possibly gravy...why is there no gravy on those potatoes? Maybe their grits?). 4:00-7:00 is a giant hoe cake. I had to be schooled on the hoe cake, as I had never even heard of them until I moved to Kentucky. It's some sort of cornbread/pancake thing. The boy said it was almost as good as his grandmothers! Last but not least we have Paula's Mac & Cheese. This was the only thing I was a little disappointed in and I feel guilty saying that just because I wouldn't want to hurt Paula's feelings (because we're such close friends) but it was a little bland.

This is one of the dinning rooms. Very pretty and I would say it has some of that Savannah style. The Hoe cake stand and the Deen Brothers Barbecue (outstanding BBQ by the way).

Here is my first plate (it's a buffet ya'll). Shrimp cocktail and baked oysters. I think that's an onion ring on the right. All very tasty. This is my "main course" plate. 2:00 Green beans. 4:00 frog legs, this was a first for me and they do not taste like chicken. I'd say it was more like fish, the look and texture of the meat was definitely more like white fish. It didn't taste like fish, it was it's own thing. 7:00 mashed potatoes WITH gravy...the BEST gravy I've ever had in my entire life gravy! I think it had a little red pepper in it or was outstanding! 9:00 fried chicken. And last at 11:00 more of that mac & cheese.

On to dessert. All I can say is heaven. The boy and I picked a little bit of this and that and shared a bite of a few things. The chocolate cake was perfect with loads of yummy icing. There was also this other cake that had pecans in it and tasted sort of like a Famous Dave's cornbread muffin that turned into a cake with cream cheese icing. YUM! There was also loads of candy and cobbler, and pie, and confections. We were to stuffed to sample very much, but we gave it a good try!

These looked so pretty I had to take a picture. We didn't try them, but they look great!

Bye Ya'll!

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