Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Post Office Idol

If you read any of the jibberish I write you know that I'm trying my hand at Etsy. The above photo is a watercolor I did that a lovely man from Sweden named Krister purchased along with two other paintings. This was very exciting for me because growing up and even into adulthood I've been obsessed with Swedish culture. It's even lead me to a "shady" past. When I was about 13 I never returned a book on Sweden to the school library... on purpose...don't worry I paid the fine for a "lost book" but I will forever feel guilty that the next kid who wants to do a book report on Sweden will now have to pick Estonia or Latvia.

On to my point...obviously a trip to the post office was in order, also some paperwork for customs that would prove to be slightly lengthy. After getting my artwork boxed up at the packaging counter a woman entered the post office with an announcement to the people in line.

"Whoever parked their car and left in running is blocking the mail trucks and no one can get out!" A woman who was about halfway up the line threw her package down on the counter, rolled her eyes and huffed off saying "I guess that would be me!"

The woman with the announcement entered the back of the line and I had finished my package so I took my spot right behind her. A few minutes later the double parked woman came back in reach in front of the announcement woman to grab her package she left and said "can I cut in line?" Before I go on I have to tell you I was shocked that this woman would have the nerve to not only be so inconsiderate to park behind people just so she would be close to the door, or she was in a hurry, or whatever her excuse was, but the fact she had the nerve to ask to cut in line!

I bring you Post Office Idol....announcement womans reply was very stern...

"NO. What you do was so rude." (at this point I became a little giddy inside because I would have been like..."oh, ok, no problem" even though I would be wishing I had the nerve to tell this woman how rude she was.) Double parked woman just stormed out. It was great!

It seems like people are always taking advantage of other people and to see someone stand up and say NO...your rude was fantastic!

P.S. The Swiss Chard is still going strong...I am thinking about planting a "winter spinach garden" this fall!

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Robin said...

ha...she was voted off


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