Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Smackdown / Random Thoughts

Check it out...the Not so Glamorous Housewife has made a visual of our "Garden Smackdown" plan. Let me tell you good people, she is trying to play on your sympathies by stressing the fact that she has kids and a dog that are probably going to mess up her garden. I'm hear to tell you don't feel sorry for her, her children are trained in seed planting and her dog knows how to work the garden hose! I know! So PU-LEASE NSGHW. We don't feel sorry for you at all!

Now for the random thoughts. Remember Wham, of course you do. Who could forget...well who could forget George Michael anyway. But we did sort of forget Andrew Ridgeley. Ever wonder what happened to him? I did...and I googled.

That's him, Andrew Ridgeley/Osama Bin Laden.
Sweet bacon grease Wham was tan! And why did it never enter my mind that George Michael was gay? Did I just not notice he wore a lot of shorty shorts, did I not notice that shirt is fish net? So many questions so little time.

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