Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jibber Jabber: Thanks a lot Ike

I think sometimes when we watch natural disasters on TV we are desensitized to what is actually happening. I do have a hard time understanding why people who could leave stay, but Sunday when the remnants of Ike made his way through the Midwest there was one point when I went outside and a slight sense of fear came over me me. These giant old trees in my yard were bending so far that my brief moment outside was enough to send me running inside for fear of being hit by a flying tree or large branch. When I went to close the screen door I actually had to pull it shut with both hands. I went upstairs to get a better look at the tree tops...that's when I heard the crack and knew immediately what it was, I ran to the window on the third floor (the one you see at the top of the house) and watched this tree fall in what seemed like slow motion. I waited for the sound of it breaking a window but miraculously it fell on an angle and missed the house by a mere 2 inches.

I can't imagine the fear of facing the brunt of that storm on the coast.


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