Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Clean Up

It seems to be that time of year again when I take the plants from spring inside for the winter...  (wait I just let them die last year). OK...sorry I got confused, it's Martha who brings in her plants. Yes, yes, she puts them in her gazillion foot greenhouse and has about 20 "plant people" that take care of them. OK, back to reality.  I really was cleaning up the mess that the front porch had become. I brought the plants in for the first time and put them into the guest bedroom/ sewing room/ art supply storage room/ ( the dining room is also the art supply storage room) / my "getting ready room", that's what the boy calls it because I keep my clothes in there, plus a roller rack of clothes due to the fact that we live in an old house with no closet space. I'm loosing my point. The point is, I'm so proud of myself for actually dividing up the plants into their own little pots and bringing them inside for the winter! After all,  I spent a small fortune on them and it would be wasteful to chuck them and buy new again next spring. We bought some lovely mums for the porch. The poor boy, I made him drive to 3 different places because I wanted some orange mums, and he never complained once!    
 Above: I filled the flower box with the button mums. Three colors of cream, orange, and sort of a deep wine.

Below: Last springs flowers that never bloomed (strange). There were snapdragons and geraniums that should have bloomed like crazy, but.... nothing.

I love loads of mixed flowers in a large pot...makes a statement. Statement being that I can't decide on what plants to buy.
This is the same succulent that was in the blue pot above, it's HUGE! It's sitting on my great grandmothers vanity. I love the amber handle on her vanity, she loved Scandinavian modern....she had great taste!
It looks like a crazy plant lady lives in this day I'll have a Martha greenhouse and my sewing machine can have it's spot back.


Hill upon Hill said...

Your plants look very healthy.
I think the orange Mums were worth it don't you?

ManhattanMini said...

I love how you use half your house for art supply storage space! P.S. love the old school Barbies in the bottom picture =)


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