Sunday, August 8, 2010

Queen of Sheba Louisville and Bird Brains

Meet my "Bird Brains"...
In order we have Penelope, Beatrice, and Deirdre. It seems I'm incorporating the little black birds again. It's something I noticed about 2 years ago...looking around the living room all of a sudden I realized I had a metal sculpted lamp with birds perched on a "branch", a pillow with some mod looking birds, a painting with birds and get the picture. As for the Queen of Sheba bit....the boy and I ate at this great little restaurant with the for mentioned name. It's Ethiopian food and was very tasty! We had a shared platter of beef Derek Tips (YUM!), lentils that I believe were called Kik wot, and Alicha Doro wot-a chicken and potato dish cooked with garlic, ginger and turmeric. It was also served with a fantastically fresh salad with lemon dressing that was a real treat considering most restaurants serve that disgusting, dried up, preservative coated, gross bag lettuce. The dish comes out on a giant silver platter and you are served this soft bread type of thing called Injera...looks sort of like a spongy pancake that you use to scoop up your food. It was a bit strange eating my salad with my fingers, it does however state on the menu that forks are available upon request. But hey...when in Rome (or Ethiopia)!

If your in Louisville and want something different this is a great place!

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