Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want this garden...

I've been collecting photos online of gardens I covet. This is certainly one of them. It's from the movie It's Complicated. I didn't see this movie mind you, I've just seen photos of Meryl Streeps characters garden and home. It was featured in a magazine and it's been all over the internet.

This has made me think I want to do a raised bed...not that these are raised beds, but they are pretty clean looking and for me I think the best way to keep things weed free and clean is the raised bed route.

I looked at this bed via Home Depot, but thought it looked a little cheep. I think it's the plastic corners I'm not feeling.

So.....I found one that is all wood and I think will look great. It' only 4x4 but it says it will hold 16 plants and I'm thinking that if it's not enough room than I'll just buy another one.

(I also bought strawberries and rosemary....ahhh spring is in the air!!!!)

1 comment:

The Drapery Lady said...

I love that garden, too. But I need a gardener to come with it!


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