Thursday, May 14, 2009

Houses, mushrooms and weeds

That title sounds like I'm going to blog about something other than the garden. But since I have no knowledge of "shrooms" and "weed"... it's the garden ( I guess I've lived a sheltered life). I also wanted to show you this house. I found a little neighborhood around the corner from us that has at least 3 of my dream homes. Here is one of them. It just oozes Tudor charm. Do you think people mind that some strange girl is taking photos of their house and posting them on line?

Next is the HUGE mushroom growing off the back of one our trees. I'm pretty sure it's not a good thing. The back of the tree looks like it's dieing and it's a real shame because it's a huge tree.

Last is a photo of some strange Kentucky bush that I have no idea what it would be. Whenever I see something that I don't know what it is I say it's some strange Kentucky thing. Is it a weed? Who knows, but it's sort of pretty.


Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I didn't even get drugs from the title. Gutter brain. Love the house, suggest the mushroom go to "steve don't eat it" and as for these strange kentucky plants...beware. I hear they like human flesh and country music.

lynzfisch said...

That strange Kentucky bush is called Honeysuckle and it's extremely invasive. It can take over a wooded area in no time flat. There all over your former homeland as fact there's one in my back yard and when we figured out that's what it was keely wanted it out! haha. See all you had to do was ask me - your local bush expert. he he.
p.s. miss ya!

Anonymous said...

That house is amazing! Kind of looks like a Hobbit should live there.


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