Monday, April 27, 2009

I will chill out on the flowers soon...

OK so I know I'm taking to many flower shots, but I'll get over it soon. I'm still trying to learn how the camera works. So on to other topics. Today is not a good day. I'm pretty much hating my job right now. I took a job as an interior decorator for a store here in Louisville. That seems like it would be great right? WRONG. Here is the's MATH MATH MATH MATH and then ...there is some more MATH. People think decorating is all about putting things together, and creating an environment for people. Yes it is and that is what the surface of the job is, but what you don't see is all the calculating and formulas and BS that goes into it. I HATE IT. I was never good at math in school and I still stink at it. It's making me wish I had a job putting pepperoni on pizzas instead. A brainless job where I wouldn't be feeling stressed out about all this freaking math! When I come out of the "hole/office" I can see that my face is red when I look in the mirror. It's red because the stress of math is making my blood pressure go up. I know this sounds ridiculous, but the formulas for fabrication when it comes to window treatments are extremely joke, I think it's easier to pass the bar. It takes all the fun out of the job and I truly hate it. I keep thinking maybe if I just hang in there it will get better but the plain truth is (and this is hard to face because the job pays well) I just don't think I can spend much longer calculating fabrication without loosing my mind.

Sometimes I hate that *B* who thought women should have the right to work, I just want to stay home, bake pies and walk around barefoot. Oh yeah and play with my camera. Is that having your pie and eating it too? How can I make money doing that? Anyone want to buy a pie and a picture of the pie? No? Crap. I guess it's back to formulas, fabric, and frustration.

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Renee said...

You have an absolutely delightful blog.

It has been a treat.

Renee xoxo


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