Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grass, weed, and hippy salad

First off here is my first strawberry plant for Garden SMACKDOWN!


I must be crazy, but I got up at 5:45 this morning (that's when the boy gets up) and made us some yummy drop doughnut (these rock the hisouse yo!). Then after that I went out and mowed the lawn. Don't worry, it's one of those eco push mowers that makes next to no noise. It was great! The boy did the first mowing two weeks ago, this was the second one of the season. Who would have ever thunk I secretly was wanting to give the new mower a try. (Don't tell!) It looked so easy. I NEVER mow the law because all the debree the gas mower kicked up made me sick, literally sick for two weeks. I don't know if it just shot pollen up my nose or what but I said I would never mow the lawn again after two weeks of not being able to breath! All I can say is I highly recommend one these mowers if you have nice grass. We have patches of nice grass...the front yard is pretty good, but the back has some issues...crab grass, dandelions, mud, a cranberry bog in the back. Not a real cranberry bog, but I'm pretty sure there is enough flooding in the back that we could give Ocean Spray a run for their money. Anyway, the good grass looks great, the crabgrass "legs" will not cut, so there area these long chunks here and there, and I think there are enough dandelions in the back that I could have a large salad for lunch. In any case, hope you enjoy the photos of my fresh cut started raining exactly when I turned the hose off after cleaning the about timing...but it makes for pretty picture.

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