Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jibber Jabber: Summers End

I woke up very early (4:00am) to my little 7lb dog, Phoebe, staring at me wanting to go outside. She failed to do her "business" at the regular scheduled time, just before bed. Since it was 4am and most of the world is still asleep at that hour I figured it would be fine to run outside in my nightie. Huge mistake. We trek down the two flights of stairs across the parking lot over to the grass and nearly froze. I stood there shivering, teeth chattering waiting for Phoebe to do her thing. The cold air was shouting loudly that end of summer is near.

The official sign for me is when the Ice Cream stand around the corner from me closes up for the winter. This is a photo of their sign.


Not So Glamerous Housewife said...

November 1 man and MRS curl is over. Hey, remember when it used to be Mr. Curl?.....before they casually snuck a tiny s in? By the way, check out my new header. Doug and I designed it.

sweet bait said...

Ohhh yeah I forgot it was Mr. know what kills me, they drive a big $ sports car and they have this homemade junky sign...but I still like it's "mom & pop" feel.


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